Colorful Dining Tables

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When it comes to dining room decor, creating a space that does the job is surprisingly simple. A large table, a series of chairs, and a hutch or cabinetry to hold your tableware is all that’s needed. But, let’s think outside the box. This season, instead of settling for conventional dining room decor, update your dining room’s decor with a colorful new center piece – a brightly hued dining room table. In shades of peacock blue, emerald green, tangerine and hot pink, dining rooms everywhere are quickly becoming more colorful than ever. Beyond the traditional brown wooden table, these colorful dining tables are statement pieces, adding energy and a touch of fun to an otherwise overlooked space in the home. Here are six of our favorite tables that are sure to add a dose of color and excitement to the next dinner party you throw.

It’s a well-known fact that Americans love the color blue. Recent studies list it at the very top of our color crushes. Because we love blue so much, the shade is always in high demand, making it a welcome sight in any room. Cool and classic, it is a color that looks beautiful in every space, and the color blue can bring a new dimension to any piece. Here, a navy blue table and chairs take this dining from traditional to modern. The transformation happens with just a coat of paint. Surround your blue table in an accompanying shade like cobalt or electric blue to add a little bit of color contrast.